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About Me

My passion for art is what drives me. Growing up as a kid who moved around a lot, the beautiful photos my grandmother took of us as kids became my most prized possessions. Looking at photos can take you back to a moment and bring every feeling, smell, sight and sound back to you. In 2010 I realized that I wanted everyone to have access to quality photography; to those prized possessions that meant so much to me growing up, so I started my photography business and never turned back.


My personal photography style is more candid, with a lifestyle approach. You won't find me directing shots or planning every tiny detail. I love to capture moments as they are and let the story of the shoot unfold. I want to preserve personalities and moments. I also love to shoot very artistic, conceptual shoots as well. Photography is my art!

Art has always been a constant surge of growth for me. I was a self-taught artist from a very age; drawing little doodles everywhere, portraits for friends, back yard fashion shows, and always in some kind of art class. You can always find me dabbling in some new art project, or some wild idea that randomly popped into my head.

When I’m not taking photos you can find me painting bones, making glitter art, working on water color portraits, hiking with my wife Rachael, hanging out with my dog Beefy, and planning our next great adventure.

If you think I will be a good fit for any ideas you may have, please do give me a shout.